In Loving Memory of Susan Melluish



Susan (25/02/53-26/01/22) was an avid supporter of Hillside Animal Sanctuary for many years. She sponsored a variety of animals from the abandoned to those afflicted by cruelty. She supported many sanctuaries of a like ilk. Apart from her animals she was a devoted grandparent, mother of four - sadly 3 surviving children and wife for 43 years. Her request is that those minded to send flowers should not, but make a donation to the sanctuary and even carry on her sponsorship of an animal.

Susan was not in good health towards the end of her life and being bedridden for the last 4 years curtailed our visits but not her donating and eager promoting of the cause.

If you would like to make a donation in Susan's memory, you may do so here.  Hillside are very grateful for any donations received.

You are also welcome to ring the Sanctuary office on 01603 736200 to make a donation.

Thank you...