In Loving Memory of Stacy Whittington



We lost Stacy on 31st May 2023. She just stopped, nothing else just stopped only 36 years young. Stacy's always been such a kind and caring girl,full of fun and a laugh you couldn't mistake. This is what made her such a star in the UK  travel/hotel industry.  She was the youngest member of board of UK Inbound.  She made people welcome and happy everywhere she went.

During covid she cared for an elderly lady in Harrow.

Stacy loved her family and our dogs Max, our beautiful German shepherd and later Sparkie who we got on Christmas Eve 2013. He got his name after chewing the Christmas tree lights and he is a true Christmas dog to this day.  He still misses Stacy who used to call him her little Prince; he still sleeps on her bed each night.

Stacy loved an occasion but Christmas was her favourite.  She is missed by everyone who ever met her.

If you would like to make a donation in Stacy's memory, you may do so here. Hillside are very grateful for any donations received.

You are also welcome to ring the Sanctuary office on 01603 736200 to make a donation. Thank you..