In Loving Memory of George Howden Simpson



For his entire life, George loved all animals with his first memory being of a cat playing with his feet when he was in his cot. As a boy, he would take sick or injured animals home to his mum to ‘doctor up’.  Throughout his life he enjoyed the company of many animals and they all enhanced his life in different ways. The most memorable were probably his faithful border collie Rab who was rescued from certain death when he would not herd sheep and also Samantha the seagull whom George would feed- she would even come into the kitchen. More than 20 years later her descendants still visit his home.

George supported Hillside for many years. He always told people that, ‘they will save every animal’.  Over the years he kept a collection box in the house where he put all his change and then someone would be dispatched to send this off to the Sanctuary. His family all know that he would be happy to think that he was still helping this wonderful cause.

If you would like to make a donation in George's memory, you may do so here.  Hillside are very grateful for any donations received.

You are also welcome to ring the Sanctuary office on 01603 736200 to make a donation.

Thank you...