Goff Welchman is taking on the challenge of 75 runs of minimum 10k distance, in his 75th year, to support Hillside.



 Our friend is running 60 marathons in a year to celebrate turning 60. This gave me an idea! Even in my wildest dreams, I could never emulate such an astounding effort, but I have decided to try to run a minimum of 75, 10k runs in the year leading up to my 75th birthday. I’m doing it to highlight the brilliant work of Hillside Animal Sanctuary. As well as caring for abandoned and abused animals, they expose animal cruelty, wherever they find it. I’ve been buying their Christmas cards for over 40 years!

 My wife, Cathie and I, only took up running in our early sixties. I also started playing tennis at the same time, but unfortunately suffered a hard fall while playing in 2015 and had to have a full hip replacement. But I got back to running within 6 weeks, gradually building my distances up again. We’re slowing down now, as we get older, but still enjoy the social and health benefits of being runners.


If you would like to donate towards Goff's AMAZING fundraising efforts you may do so here.  Hillside are very grateful for any donations received.  Thank you...