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Feeding all the animals in the Winter...
During the summer when grass is plentiful, our animals enjoy grazing out in the fields.  When winter arrives, to keep them well, they rely on us to provide them with good quality hay.  This is supplemented with grass nuts which are soaked together with cereal mix with added herbs, vitamins and minerals,  seaweed and cider vinegar.  We call this ‘The Hillside Recipe’. Over the winter, our horses, cows, sheep, goats, deer and even the pigs munch their way through mountains of grass nuts which are regularly delivered to us in 30 tonne loads costing £250 tonne.  An average bag of grass nuts costs around £10 for a 20kg sack but because we buy in such great quantities, we make a massive saving, paying just £5 a sack for the equivalent.

If you would like to donate a ‘Sack of Nuts’ to help feed our rescued animals, in lieu of a present to your friends or family, please enter below the number of sacks (£5 each) you would like to give. We will send you a Greetings Card, Hillside 2024 Mini Calendar and a Gift Certificate for you to give to your recipient as a present.

(If you would like to donate Sack of Grass Nuts certificates to more than one person, please indicate below. Please note minimum one sack per recipient OR if no certificate required please also indicate in drop down list below)

Please note: we will ALWAYS send the Gift pack to YOU, for you to give to your recipient with your own message.

If you do not require any 'Certificate Packs' and would prefer to donate on a quick link via Paypal, please click here.

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