COMPLETED - Glenys Bakehouse is Shaving off Her Hair for Hillside!!



For most of us, the thought of shaving our head would be enough to make us want to run a mile - especially in December!

 But pensioner Glenys Bakehouse (seen here with her elderly rescue dog, Lucy, 13) is doing exactly that. Christmas is traditionally a hard time for animal rescue centres, with the number of abandoned animals rising dramatically over the period, sometimes as unwanted gifts, sometimes from families struggling to support both themselves and their much-loved pets.

 Glenys, 72, feels strongly about raising money for Hillside Animal Sanctuary, to help it in its important work campaigning for and rescuing animals in need all year round - strongly enough that she is prepared to shave off all her hair to help raise those vital funds.

 Please help give the animals of Hillside Sanctuary a chance for a better future and sponsor whatever you can towards Glenys shaving her head in Llandeilo Civic Hall on 21st December - and don't worry. Glenys's friends have already also kindly donated a warm, woolly hat to her!


Thank you Glenys - all the staff and animals at Hillside send their best wishes!