Another Dinner is Possible: More Than Just a Vegan Cookbook



"Highly recommended . . . this is a must for anyone looking to reduce their impact on the planet and the animal kingdom. A practical, potentially life changing gift."--Keith Mann, The Think Shop

Another Dinner Is Possible is more than just a vegan cookbook--it's a guide to developing a healthier relationship with the food we eat.

The emphasis is on innovative simplicity: these recipes use easy-to-find and easy-to-prepare ingredients combined in unexpected ways. All the basics of everyday cooking are included for those just starting out in the kitchen (with detailed instructions and essential tips on everything from sharpening knives to choosing the right variety of potato), but even more seasoned chefs will find a surprising number of must-try recipes for original concoctions and vegan versions of old favorites. Soups, sides, salads, main dishes, snacks, breads, and sweets are all included, as well as a few bonus sections covering everything from surprising Korean recipes to vegan versions of Scandinavian cold fish dishes.

Just as valuable are the numerous original essays written by activists included in the book's appendix, covering topics ranging from vegan parenting and Western nutrition to reducing waste, eating seasonally, growing-your-own, and cooking on a large scale.

Originally published in the United Kingdom, this new edition is expanded and updated for an American audience.

Mike and Isy are members of Brighton's renowned Anarchist Teapot mobile kitchen, a volunteer collective that travels around the United Kingdom and provides vegan, organic, non-GMO meals for activist and community gatherings.

Please note, this is the spiral bound version.