My Friend Jenny



Eleven-year-old Chloe's parents have split up. She's angry with her father for leaving home, yet missing him badly. Her mother's unhappy too, but talking their troubles over together never seems to help. To make matters worse they've moved house and Chloe has started at a big secondary school where she knows nobody. Lonely, and taunted by the class bullies, she lives in dread of each day. Then Chloe notices a sad and neglected donkey, standing alone in a nearby field. She takes pity on her, brings her food every day and even tells her about her own misery. The donkey, now named Jenny, seems to listen. When Chloe finds the field empty she fears the worst. But there's no way she'll abandon her new friend. Somehow, she must find her, before it's too late!

(Paperback edition)