Kozy Kartz Stroller Footmuff Insert

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With this two zip and roll front panel you can easily and quickly cover/uncover your child. The front panel just unzips and rolls down and is held in place by Velcro, meaning you don't need to fully remove the front panel and carry it all day when the sun comes up unlike other footmuffs. The waterproof outer means if you get caught in a sudden downpour (or you forgot your rain cover) your child is protected from the majority of the bad weather and it also saves you from getting soaked whilst trying to figure out which way the rain cover goes on (we've all done it!) The footmuff is suitable for all seasons and is lightweight enough that you can fold your stroller down with this still in place.
Material composition100% Polyester
Care Instructions - machine washable 30 degrees
Fits most standard strollers - except strollers with a bar that goes between the child's legs
Usually £10 or more...