Horse & Cow Barn Building Appeal...



To accommodate our animals who are in need of special care as they get older, we need to provide them with additional barns to ensure they have adequate shelter.   During the winter, all animals need protection from the elements, especially our elderly residents who greatly benefit from being able to keep extra warm and dry in the colder wet weather that winter brings.

We are fortunate to have started the construction of one barn and are hoping that this appeal will enable us to complete TWO much-needed barns for the animals before the worst of the winter weather sets in. Thank you.

If you would like to donate in lieu of a present to your friends or family, please enter below the number of ‘Building Blocks’ (£5 each) you would like to give. We will send you a Greetings Card, mini sanctuary scenes Hillside Calendar and a Gift Certificate for you to give to your recipient as a present....

(If you would like to donate Animal Barn Building Blocks to more than one person, please indicate below. Please note minimum one building block per recipient OR if no certificate required please also indicate in drop down list below)

If you donate £30 (6 Animal Barn Building Blocks) or more, you may request a special Hillside Fridge Magnet.

Please note: we will ALWAYS send the Building Block Gift pack to YOU, for you to give to your recipient with your own message.

If you do not require any 'Certificate Packs' and would prefer to donate on a quick link via Paypal, please click here.

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